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I'm filling up the bowls
And holding back the storm.
Can't hold it back much longer,
I've got to let it go.
Soon I'll be trampling out the winepress
Where the blood pours out.
You'll see the stains cover my dress,
As justice comes down.

Oh, you know that I'm coming, soon.

I hear the voices of the martyrs.
Their blood is calling out for vengance
And as the cup of wrath overflows,
I've run out of patience.
As the mercy season's ending
I hear all creation cry.
Up until now you've only known the lamb but soon,
You'll meet the teeth of the lion.

Oh you're going to remember my name.

So run to the hills and take nothing with you.
The blood that you spilled cries out against you.
So run to the hills or burn in the flame.
The blood that you spilled testifies the name.